Summer Art Retrospective Exhibit!

Remember Art Exercises with Lois during this year’s Youth Summer Reading Program? We sure do!

The photos below show the kids hard at work during week 2’s monoprinting project. Our budding artists blobbed different colors of paint on a clear plastic plate, then smoothed it out using brayers. Different tools/objects were on hand to add texture to the paint before finally pressing the plate down on paper, creating a unique piece of art each time they did so. As the paint on the plates dried, new colors could be added and more printing done — in the end, the plates looked just as cool as the paper they used for printing!

During our culminating week 6 Art Exercises event, kids used monoprinting and other painting methods to create masterpieces on their very own canvases, and throughout September those kids will be our Artists of the Month! Their pieces will be on display on our art panels in the Adult Department beginning on Tuesday, September 6th. Please visit and check out their great artwork!