Borrowing Material

Library Cards

Any resident of a Massachusetts community that receives State Aid for Libraries grant funding is eligible for a library card from the Emily Williston Memorial Library and Museum. The Library will also honor cards from other public libraries in the C/W MARS network.

In order to obtain a card a person must show:

  1. Proof of current address — driver’s license, utility bill, vehicle registration or another official document that is less than 60 days old and that shows a residential address.
  2. A valid photo ID.

Any applicants 14 years or younger will need a parent or legal guardian to co-sign their library account.

We will check the C/W MARS system to verify that the applicant does not already have a library card in the system, whether at their current or previous address. If a record does exist, any outstanding fines or charges exceeding $10.00 must be brought up-to-date before a new card can be issued.

Library cards are valid for a period of two (2) years, at which time the patron will be asked to confirm the personal information which is on file.

Lost library cards may be replaced at the cost of $1.00 each.

You may login to your library account online and see what you have checked out, renew your checked out items, reserve items to be held at the library for you, or sign up to keep lists of things you’ve borrowed in the past or want to remember for later.


Loan Periods

  • Books, Audio Materials (music CDs and Books on CD) loan for three (3) weeks
  • DVDs and older issues of magazines loan for one (1) week.
  • Museum Passes loan for three (3) days
  • Reference materials, Historical Room materials, newspapers and the most recent issue of our magazines do not circulate.

One renewal of your checked out item may be made online, in person or by phone.  A renewal request will be granted as long as no one is on the reserve list for the item.

Museum passes may not be renewed.



Most overdue materials are charged a fine of 10¢ per day with a maximum fine of $3.00 per item.

Overdue DVDs and videos are charged a fine of $1.00 per day with a maximum fine of $5.00 per item.

You will be prevented from borrowing any more items when there is more than $10.00 owed in fines for overdue, lost or damaged materials.


Lost or Damaged Material

If an item is more than 21 days overdue, or is returned with damage beyond normal wear and tear, you will be charged full replacement cost for the item.

You may clear your account by returning the items if you find them, or by paying the billed cost.  If the materials belong to another library, checks must be made out to the owning library.

We will not offer a refund if you find the items after paying the replacement cost, so please make every effort to find the items before you pay your bill.

Replacement items may be accepted for lost items with the approval of library staff.  We cannot accept replacements for lost items that are owned by another library.