Bulletin and Brochure Policy

Bulletin Board and Brochure Policy

The Library has a cork bulletin board available to post notices from the community.  This bulletin board is located in the foyer of the building.  The policy below governs when and how items are posted to this bulletin board.

Only Library Staff can post or remove notices. Materials will be posted as space allows and library staff will determine the frequency with which materials may be posted for the same group.

Priorities and Guidelines

Priority is given to library events, tax-supported agencies, non-profit, civic, community groups, and those entities with which the library carries out cooperative programs.

The following types of notices will ONLY be displayed on the “Public Notices” bulletin board and are subject to all guidelines:

  1. Personal ads and notices
  2. Notices of merchandise or services for sale
  3. Rental announcements
  4. Profit-making establishment notices that do not fit criteria for “Library” bulletin boards.


Approved: 10/11/2005