Donations of Material to the Library

Emily’s Friends holds a book sale event on the lawn of the library twice each year in May and in October.  In the months leading up to each sale, Emily’s Friends will take donations of books, DVDs and CDs.  These donations can be brought to the Library.  At other times of the year the library will receive donations of material as space allows.  Our guidelines for donations of material is:

  1. We will accept donations of material during library hours.  Please do not leave donations outside the library when the library is closed.
  2. If you want to donate a large amount of material, we’d appreciate a phone call ahead of time so we can prepare space to receive it.
  3. We will accept donations of gently used books, CDs and DVDs.


We will not accept donations of the following material:

  1. Textbooks or encyclopedias.
  2. Cassette tapes, LP records, puzzles, games or toys.
  3. Musty, moldy or damp items.  Items in this condition are not safe for the library or for your home.  Just throw them away!


Often we are unable to accommodate donations because space at the library is very limited.  When this is the case, we encourage donors to consider donating their material to some other local agencies:


Easthampton Community Center:

The Community Center accepts all donations of gently used books, however they are unable to accept textbooks.

The Easthampton Community Center is located at 12 Clark Street in Easthampton.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters:

Has a donation box at the Valley Recycling, Regional Recycling & Transfer Facility which is located at:

234 Easthampton Road in Northampton (just over the Easthampton line).

Thank you for thinking of us!  Your donations help Emily’s Friends make important and valued purchases for the library such as museum passes, furniture, and technology.