Patron Behavior Policy

Behavior Policy

The Emily Williston Memorial Library, governed by the Public Library Association of Easthampton, is available for use by people of all ages.  While anyone has the right to use our Library, no one has the right to interfere with the use and enjoyment of our Library by others.

The Public Library Association of Easthampton has established guidelines for behavior within the Library.  These guidelines are intended to promote access to library resources for all users and at the same time protect the public, staff, Library materials, equipment and the facility as a whole.

The following are standards of behavior for anyone using our Library:

  • Do not engage in any activity in violation of state or federal law.
  • Refrain from creating a disturbance by making loud noise, talking loudly or engaging in other disruptive behavior.
  • No smoking or using of smokeless tobacco (such as vaping or use of electronic cigarettes).
  • Beverages in spill proof containers may be consumed only in the reading areas on the Main Floor and Youth area.
  • Cell phone ringers must be turned off and cell phone calls must be taken outside of the building.  No cell phone calls can be taken at the public computer terminals.
  • No animals of any kind may be brought into the library unless serving as an aide animal or as part of a library-sponsored program.
  • Children 9 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult or responsible caregiver at all times.  For more details, consult our Unaccompanied and Endangered Child Policy.
  • Parents/guardians may be liable for any damage to the library or library materials caused by their children.
  • Destruction or defacing of library property is prohibited by law.  All materials must be checked out before they are taken out of the building.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn in the library at all times.
  • Verbal or physical harassment or intimidation of other library users or of library staff is forbidden.
  • Sleeping in the Library or lying down on the furniture or floor of the Library is prohibited.
  • Patrons may be required to leave the library if their personal hygiene interferes with the ability of other patrons to use and /or enjoy the facility.
  • No soliciting or conducting of surveys inside the Library or on Library grounds.
  • No using of bathrooms for bathing, shampooing or doing one’s laundry.
  • Carrying firearms or dangerous weapons, except by law enforcement officials during the execution of their official duties, is prohibited.
  • No one should be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or consume alcohol or drugs while in the library.

Failure to adhere to these standards of behavior could result in removal from the Library building and/or restriction of Library privileges by the Library Director or the Director’s designee.


Approved: 4/28/2016