September Artist of the Month 2015

The Emily Williston Memorial Library welcomes artist Sean Ryan. He was born in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and started his art career in his “Sega years” by sculpting characters from popular comics and video games. Throughout his adolescence, he developed a portfolio that ensured his acceptance into the North East School of Arts in San Antonio, where he continued to work in clay and stone after pressing the school into starting a sculpture program that better suited him. He worked in clay and granite until graduation, then he moved into the communication design program at Southwest Texas State University.

After college, he enlisted in the USMC and deployed twice. In his mid-twenties, he returned to Texas and began painting in acrylic and watercolor. Largely painting for himself, he began his “Lead Series” of film and game-based firearms and later branched into landscapes and abstract works, painting his interpretations of prevalent pop-culture poems. With his move to Massachusetts and longing for things remote, he began his “Fence Post Series” of sixty-five visions of the West Texas deserts of Terlingua and Marfa, where he would vacation. His art is mainly a self-study and has never been intended for an audience, but after experiencing the inclusive Easthampton arts community, he is excited to participate in it.




Donations for Book Sale!

We will begin taking book, CD and DVD donations for our book sale! Please be sure the books are in clean condition. We will not be accepting textbooks, magazines or VHS tapes. For youth donations, please drop off in the youth department. For adult donations, please drop off in the adult department.

Our Book Sale will be Saturday, October 10th.

Thank you!

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August Artist of the Month 2015

Emily Williston Memorial Library welcomes artist Lori Sheehan, whose work will be on display at the library from August 1 to August 31. Lori has been a resident of Hampshire County for several years.  She enjoys traveling and has been able to capture the sights and scenes of her adventures through the lens of her camera.  Recently, Lori decided to share her love of photography by displaying her artwork at public venues.  You can reach her at

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