RESCHEDULED – Walking Tour of Mutter’s Field Accessible Trail!

Mutters Field3

The rain storm prevented us from having our walking tour of the trail two weeks ago, so we are going to try again! 

Join us Friday, August 12, at 6pm for a walking tour and conversation about the new Mutter’s Field Accessible Trail.  Marty Klein from the Pascommuck Conservation Trust will lead us on the tour and tell us how this newest addition to open space in Easthampton came into being.

We will meet at the trail opening located off of East Green Street at 6pm.  Wear your walking shoes.

Sensible and Sustainable Eating Habits

nutrition image
  • Are you confused as to what the “right way” to lose weight would be?
  • Are you tired of losing weight just to gain it right back again?
  • What constitutes a “healthy diet”?  Are all calories created equally?
  • Do you need to exercise for an hour every day to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight?

Join Danielle Dellaquila of Eagle Vision Nutrition on Wednesday, July 27 from 6-7:30pm, as she helps debunk nutrition myths and educates folks on the latest nutrition research.

You’ll be provided with a “Healthy Food List”, learn key components of a healthy diet, as well as practical strategies to work healthy food into your everyday diet.  As part of the demonstration, Danielle will make delicious and healthy green smoothies and provide samples to attendees.